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This ancient and noble building where you are in, long time ago was the chapel of the convent called  “Encarnación”. His random life has led him from cenobio to Napoleon’s army barracks during the War of Independence. Then liberal laws, disentailment, and the healthy obsession of the Indians for education, they turned it into a renowned school. Today it gives us its history with the mood of comforting the body and spirit of the traveler.

In this unique environment, we would like to show you the union of two different cultures. Emigration to America is one of the most significant historical facts of Llanes. The “Indians”” in their coming and going they brought both continents closer,they built small and attractive palaces, they planted palm trees in their orchards, enriched the humble dress of the villagers until it becomes a precious work of art…
They generated a multicolored culture that came, enriched and also changed our gastronomy.

 They use these dishes as a tribute to all those who, in their coming and going, turned the wide sea into a bridge.

Thank you for joining us, for hugging us on this journey. And that, as the poet wrote, “always remember that I wait for you”

For set sail

  • Jamón Ibérico de Bellota (Iberic ham) – From Jabugo, (one of the most prestigious production areas in Spain) thin slices cut by knife following the family tradition of our supplier Heirs of Maximilian. 30€


  • Asturian cheese board – The eastern region of Asturias is the largest cheese area, in a variety of products, in all of Europe. Our artisan producers send us an exclusive selection of cheeses that offer contrasts of intensity and flavor, from the creamiest and softest to the most intense, a unique experience 24€


  • Scorpionfish Pate– Made with white fish from our sea, following our traditional recipe that is unique for its creaminess, softness and flavour 15€


  • Croquettes “El Cenador” – Small and delicious bites made with the best Iberian ham and a thin, soft and creamy bechamel following the traditional recipe of our grandmothers 16€


  • Cantabrian squid rings – Fine batter which is made to get a unique texture for the delicious northern squid 22€


  • Cóctel Acapulco (Cocktail)- fresh, original and tasty combination of prawns and avocado, dipped in our special dressing that will take you to the Pacific 25€


  • Seafood salad – on request price according market


  • Fine Clams a la Marinera – From the estuaries of Cantabria we offer you this unique and tasty interpretation of our Chef following the traditional seafood recipe 26€


  • Ensaladilla “El Convento” – The simplest thing leads us to the best memories. It’s our most special version of this classic cuisine 16€

Spotting land

  • Navarra asparagus –    16€


  • Cantabrian salad, a classic at the North- fresh lettuce, fresh tomato and fresh onion accompanied by asparagus tip and piquillo peppers from Navarra. Tuna loins 18€


  • Mexican salad – tasty slices of fresh tomato   with anchovies, avocado, olive oil and mild fresh cheese from the Asturian cheese factory in Bedón   22€


  •  Asturian salad – Tasty apple accompanied by Peñasanta cheese cubes, walnuts, lettuce, fresh tomato from Ribadesella with a very special dressing  20€

Full journey


In “The Convent’s Cenador”we put all the effort and care for many years to be able to offer you proudly this famous and traditional dish. We only cook with certified beans by the Regulatory Council for the Asturian beans Designation of Origin and using the best “compango “ (chorizo pork sausage, black pudding, shoulder ham, and bacon)

We have selected Tierrina Vaqueira (Luarca) and Casa Milia (Felechosa) as our trusted suppliers.

Our most traditional dish, to which we spend the most hours, the most characteristic, and with which we enjoy the most to offer you something unique. Take your time and delight in our authentic Fabada Asturiana.

We also incorporate the corn “Pantruque” (kneading of bacon, onion, maize flour and egg, which replaces the sausage in the bean stew), a humble preparation which today is a gastronomic gem and a tribute to our elders.

  •  Fabada Asturiana (Asturian Bean Stew) – Following the traditional recipe transmitted from generation to generation, by the experience of chef Angel F. Essential star dish of Asturian gastronomy and especially in our stoves. Slowly cooked, degreased to make it light and healthy. Ask for “pantruque” (kneading of bacon, onion, maize flour and egg, which replaces the sausage in the bean stew) 20€


  • Fabes con almejas (Bean stew with clams) – one more classic from our stoves, an amazing fusion between sea and land, light, fat-free and full of flavour 22€


  • Verdinas al estilo del Valle de Ardisana (Green beans stew) – small, green, skinless and buttery beans. Accompanied by pantruque (kneading of bacon, onion, maize flour and egg, which replaces the sausage in the bean stew) and compango asturiano (black pudding, bacon,chorizo sausage) 20€


  • Vegetable stew – 18€

Pasta and rice

One more specialty of our cuisine. Made in the northern style, in a slingshot paella pan with which you get a more mellow and juicy dish that enhances all the flavour of the ingredients.

  • Rice with Pitu de Caleya (Rice with free range chicken)(for order, mínimum 2 people)   – Pitu” is the Asturian free range chicken, that gives that touch of intense flavour to a unique rice 22€


  • Seadfood rice (for order, mínimum 2 people) – With a wise combination of seafood, full of flavor and very mellow -22€
  • Lobster rice (for order, mínimum 2 people, market price) – With a wise combination of seafood, full of flavor and very mellow
  • Pasta of the day – Ask for our special dish of the day 16€

Sailing the seas

We value the quality of the commuter products.

That’s why we offer every day the best and freshest fish from Llanes.

  • Cantabrian-style cahopo –  Cantabrian hake combination stuffed with sea urchins and prawn pate    26€


  • Codfish in Basque sauce – 26€


  • Hake in cyder sauce – The unique touch of cider, fruit and acidity point enhances the taste of the best skewer hake 28€

Discovering land

Our meats are distinguished by our trusted supplier: Bioastur.

All of them are controlled by the Regulatory Council and have the protected geographical indication. We work exclusively with native Asturian breeds: Asturiana de la Montaña (also called Casina) and Asturiana de los Valles, which are the ones that best adapt to our climate and environment in general.

Enjoy a unique experience adding our homemade sauce of Cabrale´s cheese. Also you could venture to an Indian and spicy touch with our special chipotle sauce  or our chiles jalapeños.    .


  • Solomillo de ternera – The tenderest and most juicy piece, full of flavour 30€


  • Entrecote – Enjoy it whole or sliced to share on the table  30€


  • Veal Cachopo – Crispy breaded, tender veal, stuffed with tasty jerky, creamy Vidiago cheese, piquillo peppers and asparagus, accompanied by mushroom sauce.  24€


  • Beef fajitas – With the tasty and excellent Asturian beef, pepper, onion, all cut and melted in the oven with Vidiago cheese. Accompanied by tortillas and guacamole to make the taquito 24€


  • Chef Burger Don Pelayo – Gourmet beef Burger ,100% Asturian beef, bacon, lettuce, onion,fresh tomato, thin slices of creamy vidiago cheese and chips 16.50€


  • Kids burger – with same quality for the little ones. Ask for your favourite ingredients and chips 10.50€


  • Duroc ribs – (Iberic ribs) – Juicy roasted Iberian ribs, served with homemade guacamole and our chipotle sauce 24€


  • Las manitas de cerdo (Pig’s trotters) – tender and delicious 20€


  • Los callos a la asturiana (Beef tripe stew) –  18€


The end of a trip always closes with the best of farewells for that reason, our kitchen team wants to offer you the sweetest of memories as our mothers did at home, the best local products to achieve that homemade touch of longing that every ending must have. Because at the end of the road there is always the nostalgia for the trip.

  • Rice pudding– Cooked with care and slowly to make it creamy. With burnt sugar or cinnamon 7€


  • Nougat cake– Fusion of our cheesecake recipe but with a touch of traditional nougat 7€


  • Apple pie– Thin slices of Asturian apple with a homemade pastry cream and puff pastry  7€


  • Home-made Crème caramel – Just like grandma used to make them   6€
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