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We prepare the best of our stoves so you can enjoy it at home


How can I place my order? Calling to 985400150

How much time in advance?  For lunch meal service before 12.30 pm; and for dinner service before 8pm

Pick it up ready to go in the designated place.

Take away service 2€

  • Fish cabracho pate– Made with white fish from our sea, following our traditional recipe that is unique for its creaminess, softness and flavour 15€


  • Croquettes “El Cenador” – Small and delicious bites made with the best Iberian ham and a thin, soft and creamy bechamel following the traditional recipe of our grandmothers 16€


  • Acapulco Cocktail- fresh, original and tasty combination of prawns and avocado, dipped in our special dressing that will take you to the Pacific 25€


  • Spanish potatoe salad – The simplest thing leads us to the best memories. It’s our most special version of this classic cuisine 16€


  • Cantabrian salad – fresh lettuce, fresh tomato and fresh onion accompanied by asparagus tip and piquillo peppers from Navarra with Tuna loins  18€


  • Typical Asturian bean stewFollowing the traditional recipe transmitted from generation to generation, by the experience of chef Angel F. Essential star dish of Asturian gastronomy and especially in our stoves. Slowly cooked, degreased to make it light and healthy. Ask for “pantruque” (kneading of bacon, onion, maize flour and egg, which replaces the sausage in the bean stew) 20€


  • Asturian beans with clams – another classic dish from our kitchen , mixed by sea ingredients with some from the land, light,no fats, and very tasty   22€


  • Ardisana-style verdinas (green beans stew) small, green, skinless and buttery beans. Accompanied by pantruque (kneading of bacon, onion, maize flour and egg, which replaces the sausage in the bean stew) and compango asturiano (black pudding, bacon,chorizo sausage)  20€


  • Rice with pitu chicken (for order, minimum 2 people) – Pitu” is the Asturian free range chicken, that gives that touch of intense flavour to a unique rice 22€


  • Marinera style rice (for order, minimum 2 people)  –22€


  • Lobster rice (for order, minimum 2 people) – with the intensity of the lobster, a classic of the rice dishes of all Spain, here on its most natural and marine version – only under request


  • Daily pasta special – Ask your waiter   16€
  • Cantabrian style cachopo – Cantabrian hake combination stuffed with sea urchins and prawn pate   22€
  • Beef Fajitas – star dish, heritage of our Mexican roots. Tasty Asturian beef, pepper, onion, all chopped and baked with Vidiago cheese. Accompanied by mexican tortillas and guacamole 24€
  • Chef Burger Don Pelayo – Gourmet beef Burger ,100% Asturian beef, bacon, lettuce, onion,fresh tomato, thin slices of creamy vidiago cheese and chips.   16.50€


  • Kids burger – with same quality for the little ones. Ask for your favourite ingredients and chips 10.50€


  • Mixed sandwich- Slices of twelve cereals bread with ham and tasty slices of Vidiago cheese accompanied by a few slices of fresh tomato and chips. 9€


  • Club sandwich –Slices of twelve cereals bread with chicken breast, bacon, ham and Vidiago cheese, lettuce and tomato with chips 12.90€
  • Beef pepito : Delicious Asturian beef steak on a traditional bread with roasted peppers 14€
  • Duroc ribs – Juicy roasted Iberian ribs, served with homemade guacamole and our chipotle sauce 24€
  • Pig’s trotters – tender and delicious   20€
  • Tripe stew 18€
  • Almond cake – Puff pastry crunch with almonds with a touch of red vermuth that gives personality to the elaboration   7€
  • Apple pie – Thin slices of Asturian apple with a homemade pastry cream and puff pastry   7€ 
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