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Fly-fishing species in the area



The king of the river. The largest ones are to be found at the beginning of the season (March & April) but even so, when the water is getting warm in the early summer, (May & June) there are more salmon in the river.


March 16 to July 31. Spinning is forbidden up to June 1. Fishing on Monday and Thursdays is not permitted (except on official public holidays).


Two-handed rods (AFTM 9-11) are better when the water is high and cold. In these conditions you will need the following; a floating line with a quick sinking terminal. The end of the line should be 35mm and we suggest you use a big fly, perhaps a number 2-4. When the water is warm and low, a single-handed rod is sufficient (AFTM 7-8 of about 9’6″). Also recommended is a floating line, where the end of the line is 28-33mm and a fly around number 8-12.


While trout ( sea trout also) do exist in our salmon rivers (also high mountain rivers)  it is prohibited to fish them up to May 18. It is far better to fish in the smaller rivers such as the Bedón and Purón from April to July. Fishing is also rewarding in September in catch and release zones. We always advocate careful walking through the river and the use of light equipment.


March 16 to August 15. Spinning is forbidden up to June 1. Fishing on  Thursdays is not permitted (except on official public holidays). Fishing on Monday is just catch and release fishing


Light equipment is usually recommended such as a rod of about 8′ (AFTM 4-6) where the end of the line is between 10 to 14mm. When the trout don’t feed at the surface, the use of nymphs is usually required.

Sea Trout

Fishermen from all over the world come to Asturias trying to catch the “reo” (sea trout.) It is developing quite a reputation as an extremely difficult fish to catch. There’s scarcely a fly that will fool them – it’s best to tempt them with the smallest of flies on an 18-20 hook. Then again, the odd ant or two is indispensable in your box as well as at the end of a 10mm line! The real problem can be that once you lay a bad line, these wily fish are on to you! Even if you cast well, your troubles have only just begun. It will fight you, plunging and jumping, like no other fish.

Season & Equipment

Sea trout come up river when the water is getting warm. No two years are identical, but generally speaking, the season extends from the end of May to July. There are sea trout in small rivers but the best are to be found in big salmon rivers. Remember, in salmon rivers ( the best for sea trout)  it is prohibited to fish trout and sea trout up to May 20. You need compensated equipment to throw the fly as far as possible to get a good lay down with the thinnest of lines (10mm), and the smallest of flies.


In Asturias the trout and sea trout feed on the surface. As the weather really warms up in July, the best time to fish is early in the morning, between 6.30am and 9.30am or really late in the evening about 10.00 pm.

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